About Us

We are young professionals who created City Tights start up to help you get the best experience in buying and wearing tights.

The idea was born when we realised that stocking up your hosiery drawers has become a chore for many of us. We are faced with a large choice in denier, colour and size and we often pick the wrong product because we don’t really understand the difference between them. You name it, we have experienced it - laddered tights? Tick. Tights not staying up? Tick. Throwing away a pair after first wash because they don’t fit well anymore? Tick, tick, tick!  

City Tights was born out of desire to make your life easier by:

  • Saving you money. If your tights ladder, our subscription offers you a one replacement pair a month free of charge
  • Providing you with a tested product so you can enjoy perfectly fitting, long-lasting and comfortable tights
  • Offering advice about hosiery on our webiste, regular blog and a newsletter. You can also contact us directly with any questions you might have - we are here to help!
  • Finally, we don’t want to take the joy away from this experience. Your boxes will come packaged in a beautiful box, with a unique gift picked especially for you. All delivered to your door on the schedule of your choice.

Tights are a great accessory to any outfit - so why not have some fun while we take care of the rest? :)